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Senate Bill 188

NVFAC PAC Supports SB188 Sponsored by Senators Hansen, Stone, Buck, Goicoechea and Krasner Overview: SB188 seeks to amend NRS 202.265 and NRS 202.3673 to allow a CCW holder to carry a concealed handgun while on the property of the Nevada…

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Assembly Bill 181

NVFAC PAC Supports AB181 Sponsored by Assemblymen Hibbetts and Yurek Overview: AB181 seeks to amend NRS 202.3657 to allow a peace officer to apply for a concealed carry permit without the need to present proof of completion of a CCW…

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Assembly Bill 94

NVFAC PAC Supports AB94 Sponsored by Assemblywoman Dickman Overview: AB94 prohibits state agencies and jurisdictions from using personnel or financial resources to aid in the enforcement of federal laws which restrict or prohibit the purchase, sale, transfer, manufacture, or display…

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Assembly Bill 81

NVFAC PAC Supports AB81 Sponsored by Assemblyman Hafen Overview: AB81 seeks to amend the existing law NRS 206.265 in order to allow a person who is licensed to carry a concealed firearm in the state of Nevada to have a…

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