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2020 Candidate Ratings & Endorsements

  • Candidate letter ratings are based on their answers to our issues survey. Support for all issues is required for an “A” rating.
  • To earn an A+ rating, candidates must have taken actions beyond a perfect voting score to further our 2A goals during prior legislative sessions.
  • Candidates who are NVFAC members have an asterisk (*) by their rating.

Click here to view primary election ratings

Click here to view general election ratings

Candidate Information

Click here to fill out the candidate survey
(view survey pdf here)
(view endorsement survey pdf here)


  • **All information provided by candidates will be used only for NVFAC-PAC rating and endorsement purposes, will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be shared with anyone for any reason.**
  • NVFAC PAC is a state-level PAC and does not issue endorsements in federal races
  • You must complete an NVFAC PAC Candidate Issues Survey to be considered for an endorsement.
  • If you wish to discuss the endorsement survey, please contact Randy Mackie at 702-232-2654 or
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