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2015 Candidate Endorsements

The Nevada Firearms Coalition-PAC announced today its ratings of candidates for Las Vegas City Council and Mayor, and two endorsements, in the upcoming primary election.


Las Vegas Mayor
Stavros S. Anthony – A Rating
Phil “LOL” Cory – Ftr survey
Carolyn G. Goodman* – Ftr survey
Abdul H. Shabazz – Ftr survey
City Council Ward 1 
Raymond Fletcher – Ftr survey
Lois Tarkanian* – Ftr survey
City Council Ward 3 
Bob Coffin* – Ftr survey
Hart Fleischhauer – Ftr survey
Alicia G. Herrera – Ftr survey
Megan Heryet  – Ftr survey
Eric Krattiger – A Rated
Carlo “Humane” Poliak – A Rated
City Council Ward 5 
Ricki Y. Barlow* – Ftr survey
Randy Voyard – A Rated
The Nevada Firearms Coalition-PAC endorses Stavros S. Anthony for Mayor, and Randy Voyard for City Council Ward 5.
The Nevada Firearms Coalition is dedicated to the ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation, and hunting. The Coalition is the Nevada affiliate of the National Rifle Association of America, and represents the 36,000 NRA members living in The Silver State. It is also a proud member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Membership is open to all, not just NRA and NSSF members, who support the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.
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