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NVFAC-PAC will support any firearms legislation where analysis shows an enhancement of personal liberty and significant public benefits. NVFAC-PAC will oppose any firearms legislation where analysis shows that the public safety benefits are an intrusion into personal liberty.

The Nevada Firearms Coalition-PAC was created as the political arm of the Nevada Firearms Coalition. Our mission is to support responsible, pro-gun policies and likeminded political candidates, and we will oppose all efforts to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights and candidates who support increased gun control.

We Support:

  • Elected officials who uphold our rights that are enumerated in the Nevada and US Constitutions
  • Ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation and hunting
  • One uniform gun law throughout Nevada
  • Eliminating “gun-free” zones that create targets for criminals
  • Strengthening self-defense laws like the Castle Doctrine
  • Expanding Nevada’s carry laws

We Oppose:

  • So-called “universal background checks” that lead to gun registration and ultimately confiscation
  • Elected and appointed officials who put party or personal gain ahead of the rights of the citizens
  • Tax increases on ammunition
  • Laws that infringe upon the rights of our veterans or mentally ill seeking help

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