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For 2019 Legislature

Dedicated to defending our 2nd Amendment Rights to the Ownership & Safe Use of Firearms for Self-Defense, Competition, Recreation & Hunting.
NVFAC-PAC will support any firearms legislation where analysis shows an enhancement of personal liberty and significant public benefits.
NVFAC-PAC will oppose any firearms legislation where analysis shows that the public safety benefits are an intrusion into personal liberty.

• Support gun rights legislative gains from 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 sessions.
• Amend NRS 202.254 to eliminate mandatory background checks between private parties. Replace with a free background voluntary background checks between private parties via a phone call system with DPS.
• Sales tax exemption for non-retail sales by gun dealers.
• Early CCW renewal and correction of 60-day CCW requirement for new residents to conform to 120 current wait; new resident permits recognized by NV will be valid until NV CFP issued or denied. Sheriff has 120 days to approve.
• Change current felonious carrying handgun without permit to misdemeanor 1st offense
• Mandatory prosecution and sentencing for prohibited firearms possessors
• Sales tax exemption for gun safes
• Revise NRS to provide comprehensive firearms definition section, including eliminating references to federal codes in NV legal definitions. NV conflicts with Federal code on definitions, and NRS should define firearms.
• Allow the Attorney General to have authority to sue for violations of the Second Amendment
• Constitutional Carry
• Campus Carry

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