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 NVFAC awarded A Rating certificates to members of the Nevada 77th Legislature who demonstrated strong support for the right to keep and bear arms as enumerated in the Nevada and United States Constitution.

In appreciation of their support the following legislators were awarded A ratings:


  • Paul Anderson
  • Richard Carrilllo
  • Skip Daily
  • Wesley Duncan
  • John Ellison
  • Michele Fiore
  • Tom Grady
  • John Hambrick
  • Ira Hansen
  • Cresent Hardy
  • Pat Hickey
  • Randy Kirner
  • Peter Livermore
  • James Ohrenschall
  • James Oscarson
  • Michael Sprinkle
  • Lynn Stewart
  • Jim Wheeler
  • Melissa Woodbury


  • Greg Brower
  • Barbara Cegavske
  • Pete Goicoechea
  • Donald Gustavson
  • Scott Hammond
  • Joseph Hardy
  • Mark Hutchison
  • Ben Kieckhefer
  • Michael Roberson
  • James Settelmeyer

For 2013 Legislature

Dedicated to defending our 2nd Amendment Rights to the Ownership & Safe Use of Firearms for Self-Defense, Competition, Recreation & Hunting.
NVFAC-PAC will support any firearms legislation where analysis shows an enhancement of personal liberty and significant public benefits.
NVFAC-PAC will oppose any firearms legislation where analysis shows that the public safety benefits are an intrusion into personal liberty.

• Support gun rights legislative gains from 2011 and 2013 sessions.
• Amend NRS 202.254 to eliminate mandatory background checks between private parties. Replace with a free background voluntary background checks between private parties via a phone call system with DPS.
• Sales tax exemption for non-retail sales by gun dealers.
• Early CCW renewal and correction of 60-day CCW requirement for new residents to conform to 120 current wait; new resident permits recognized by NV will be valid until NV CFP issued or denied. Sheriff has 120 days to approve.
• Change current felonious carrying handgun without permit to misdemeanor 1st offense
• Mandatory prosecution and sentencing for prohibited firearms possessors
• Sales tax exemption for gun safes
• Revise NRS to provide comprehensive firearms definition section, including eliminating references to federal codes in NV legal definitions. NV conflicts with Federal code on definitions, and NRS should define firearms.
• Allow the Attorney General to have authority to sue for violations of the Second Amendment
• Constitutional Carry
• Campus Carry

Legislative Positions

Senate Bills

Assembly Bills

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