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June 2022 PAC President Update – Collection of Essays in Defense of the Second Amendment

    In the wake of the Uvalde, TX school shooting, there’s been a rash of public outcry and arguments in the public square demanding, in the name of child safety, the infringement or outright abolition of the Second Amendment.

   I have been a Second Amendment student and activist for over 40 years. In my opinion, the best arguments in defense of the right to bear arms are:  1) it being a constitutional right;  2) that there is far more good done with guns than harm; 3)  that the law-abiding cannot have their rights restricted because of what criminals do; and 4) that the problem is not that we have and make so any guns, it is that our culture, starting in the 1960s, is making so many men and a few women who will commit wanton crime and murder with guns. 

      As NVFAC members and leaders, you may be called upon to defend the 2A against attacks. The essays that I have gathered below address those points, and can provide intellectual ammunition for the defense of our Second Amendment rights.

  1.  This essay by Laura Hollis is about some of the non-gun causes of so-called gun crimes.
  2. Defensive Gun Uses v. Criminal Gun Uses
       There are way, way, w-a-a-a-a-a-y more defensive gun uses than gun crimes! 

       The Left will seldom be caught admitting this.

       This essay doesn’t even get into the many daily uses of firearms for benign purposes such as target shooting for recreation, competition, hunting, private and public law enforcement, and U. S. military uses.  Add those additional good uses of guns in to the calculus, and guns are used even more overwhelmingly for benign purposes than for criminal ones. 

       Guns haven’t really changed much in recent decades, but the number of murderers and mass shooters have, mainly due to cultural decay and the break-up of the American family, and especially the black family.

       The Left doesn’t like to talk about cultural decay and family destruction because it points to the failure and unintended consequences of their socialist policies that have sent our country, its culture, and millions of  its people to ruin since the 1960s.

       They especially don’t want to talk about the black family and its destruction, caused mainly by federal welfare and other policies that in effect put blacks on a federal plantation, and they WILL call anyone who raises that issue a racist, despite a great many gun crimes being committed by blacks on other  blacks.

       Murder is so prevalent among black males that nation-wide, it is their fourth leading cause of death, and a great number of those deaths are victims of black-on-black killings.

       If you want to get into the subject of defensive gun uses, see Dr. John R. Lott, Jr.’s book “More Guns, Less Crime,”  now in its fourth edition. It’s an easy and highly informative read, and available from Amazon.

       By the way, Dr. Lott is the gold standard for honest, scholarly research on gun issues.

       His scholarly work, always peer reviewed, has never been refuted by another scholarly, peer-reviewed work.  Read more about Dr. Lott here.

       What the Wikipedia article doesn’t tell you is that after starting out as an economist and a researcher/teacher,  he was driven out of the academy for his honest research on gun issues. He followed the facts and the evidence wherever they led, and let the chips fall where they may.  It got so he couldn’t find a job at a college or university in his economic field in America.  He now runs his own Crime Prevention Research Center and moved recently to Montana. 

        I’ve met him several times.  He is a rock-solid researcher, and a good and effective defender of the 2A.  I saw him once on Fox News some years ago with a gun-grabber, and shortly into the gun-grabber’s spiel, he blurted out “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” and proceeded to demolish her argument with a quick array of solid facts and figures. Appreciate and learn from John Lott while you can.  When he passes from the scene, as must we all, we may not soon see his like again.
  3. Short arguments I like in defense of the right to keep and bear arms.
       “Guns, by themselves, can only gather dust! A human hand must take it up and use it for good or evil.”
       “Guns don’t jump up off a table and shoot someone!”
       “Guns don’t pull their own triggers.”
       “A gun is never a killer; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.”

       That last is a paraphrase of what the Roman Seneca said about swords circa 45 A.D., twelve years after Jesus walked the Earth.
  4. Debunking Biden’s Lies
       This one has so many good points it’s like an intellectual high-capacity magazine!
  5. An inspiring speech at the 1999 NRA convention, shortly after the Columbine, Colorado school shooting.
       If ever there was a full-throated defense of the Second Amendment, this is it.

       Here’s a link to the speech itself.

       Sadly, Vikki Buckley, then a rising conservative star, died of a heart attack two months after giving this speech.
  6. Next is a good essay about gun owners not needing to own, or feel guilty about, what criminals do.

       Our rights, including our rights to gun ownership and use, should not, and do not, depend on what lawbreakers do.
  7. Cal Thomas and Frank Miele offers us essays about what we teach as a culture and what we get.
  8. The last is an essay by Kevin D. Williamson, who does a pretty good job of explaining some of the main points of the gun debate.
       Thomas Jefferson warned that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

       If you want to see what can happen if we and ours are not sufficiently vigilant, look north to Canada. The Socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is introducing legislation in their Parliament to ban handgun sales, and even look-alike toys.

       That ban will probably pass, and we can also look forward soon to Canadians blaming the U. S. for guns crossing the border into Canada. Don’t be surprised if gun crimes actually increase there, since the Canadians seem to be forgetting that “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

       Yes, we Americans have the Second Amendment, which bars our federal and state governments from infringing on our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

       Yes, our Supreme Court confirmed our right to own arms in the Heller decision, and a few years later upheld the right to keep and bear arms outside our homes, and extended 2A rights to the states through the 14th amendment.

       Don’t think what Justin Trudeau is doing cannot happen here. It CAN happen here, if we are not vigilant.

Yours in Liberty,

Duncan Rand Mackie
President, NVFAC PAC
Vice President, NVFAC Legislative Division
Vice President, NVFAC Foundation

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