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April 2022 PAC President Update – 2022 Elections

The NVFAC Legislative Division and the NVFAC PAC are gearing up for the 2022 mid-term elections.

The filing period for Judicial and Non-Judicial candidates opens on 7 March, and closes on 18 March, 2022.

We are putting the finishing touches on our candidate survey, and it will be available on our PAC website for candidates to complete at

As a state of Nevada PAC, we do not endorse in federal races, but we will be surveying candidates for major state and federal offices, with the results announced before early voting starts in both the Primary and General Elections.

The Nevada Primary Election is on Tuesday, 14 June.

Early Primary voting starts on Saturday, 28 May, and runs through Friday, 10 June.

The Nevada General Election will be held on Tuesday, 8 November.

Early General Election voting starts on Saturday, 2 October, and runs through Friday, 4 November.

Particular attention is being paid to election security issues it this cycle in the face of Nevada Democrats passing along a party-line vote a bill, AB 321, in the 2021 legislative session that made permanent the special Covid-19 procedures used in the November 2020 general election. The procedures made legal were illegal before the passage of AB 321.

Much has been made of the several possibilities for cheating in the 2020 election, such as universal mail-in ballots, and legalizing ballot harvesting, where anyone can collect ballots from anyone who will permit it and turn the ballots in on that person’s behalf. That practice, and universal mail-in ballots, are so susceptible to possible electoral fraud that a joint Democrat-Republican commission formed after the contentious 2000 election (remember hanging chads and the 537 votes G. W. Bush won Florida by?) had as it’s No. 1 recommendation the disallowing if universal mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting. Prior to changes made by Nevada Democrats in the 2020 election and the passing of AB 321 bill in the 2021 Nevada legislative session, ballot harvesting was a state felony.

Also, every European country bans universal mail-in balloting because they think it is too susceptible to fraud to allow in in their elections.

So, why would the Democrats in the state legislature pass a bill making those and other measures a legal and permanent part of Nevada elections, and pass it against total, unified Republican opposition?

My answer is: Because they plan to benefit from it.

They would not have passed the law unless they intended to use it to their advantage.

My advice to all the non-Democrat candidates in this election is to brush up on ballot harvesting and take the same advantage of the same things the Democrats will be doing, and to encourage poll watching, and to have election lawyers handy to follow up on reports of election irregularities.

My advice to voters is that the best defense against ballot fraud is to overwhelm the polls with legal votes. There are many signs pointing to a “red wave” this cycle, and if that is true, and if our side gets the vote out in really good numbers, that will have a good chance of overcoming any efforts at vote fraud.

2A Issues and Answers Zoom Calls

We are continuing our 2A Issues and Answers series of Zoom calls for major Nevada offices, especially the Governor’s race. Captain Sam Brown, running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic U. S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was our last speaker in that series in February.

Watch for our monthly 2A Issues & Answers Zoom calls and tune in!!!

That’s all for this issue.

Stay safe, and VOTE!!!!!

Yours in Liberty,

Duncan Rand Mackie
President, NVFAC PAC
Vice President, NVFAC Legislative Division
Vice President, NVFAC Foundation

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